GC Gold Label 9 Extra Capsules

GC Gold Label 9 Extra Capsules


It is a radiopaque posterior glass ionomer restorative in capsule. It has high strength fast setting glass ionomer restorative in capsule formulated with a unique Smart Glass filler offering improved translucency for a more aaesthetic restoration. As a true glass ionomer, it chemically bonds to tooth structure, has a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion and releases significant levels of rechargeable fluoride. It is available in hand-mix powder-liquid and premeasured capsules.
  • High compressive and flexural strength, and 60% higher wear resistance than conventional glass ionomer.
  • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure allows minimal cavity preparation without the need for etching or bonding agents.
  • Chemical setting without shrinkage allows single step placement without layering.
  • Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion as tooth structure produce minimal stress on the marginal seal.
  • Faster, easier and more efficient placement.
  • No measuring as powder and liquid are pre-measured in the right ratio.
  • Mechanical mixing leads to less porosities and a stronger mix.
  • High fluoride release & Reduced moisture sensitivity.

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    GC Gold Label 9 Extra Capsules(Shade #A3), GC Gold Label 9 Extra Capsules(Shade #A2), GC Gold Label 9 Extra Capsules(Shade #A3), GC Gold Label 9 Extra Capsules(Shade #A2)


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