GC Gold Label Hybrid

GC Gold Label Hybrid


A self-adhesive restorative Like Never Before. Experience the nextgeneration of hand-mixed, self-adhesive posterior restorative featuring GC Advanced Glass ...Hybrid technology.
GC Advanced Glass Hybrid Technology.
Advanced Glass hybrid technology is the combination of two types of Fluoro-Almino-Silicate(FAS) glass and also two types of polyacrylic acid.
  • Thanks to smart particle size distribution, Gold Label HYBRID getshigher mechanical strength
  • Finer size of FAS Glass particle decreases collision against visible light waves.The more light is passing through the restorative, it causes the restorative more translucent.
  • Gold Label HYBRID consists of the glass which reacts with polyacrylic acid, helping the restorative matrix release high amount of fluoride.
  • Gold Label HYBRID is consist of more acid resistance FAS glass and a higher molecular weight polyacrylic acid. These two components strengthen the restorative matrix and gives higher acid resistance.

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    GC Gold Label Hybrid


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