Gold Label 2 Universal Restorative
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Gold Label 2 Universal Restorative


GC Fuji Restorative Cement Gold Label Type 2

...font5">A Strontium-based Glass Ionomer:
All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer contains strontium glass. The strontium glass provides good radiopacity and snapset characteristics, unanimously preferred by clinicians around the world. Interestingly, strontium will mimic calcium in the formation of strontium hydroxyapatite and strontium fluoroapatite to affect internal remineralization within the tooth structure.

-> Chemical bond to tooth structure.
-> Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion.
-> High fluoride release.
-> Strontium based.
-> Good radiopacity.
-> Excellent handling characteristics.
-> Reduced moisture sensitivity.
-> Translucent material.
-> Range of 3 shades: #21 Pale Yellow, #22 Yellow Brown and #23 Dark Gray.
-> Low solubility.
-> Long term clinical data.

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    Standard Pack #Dark Grey Shade, Mini Pack #Brown Yellow Shade, Standard Pack #Brown Yellow Shade


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