Integrity Cartadg Refill

Integrity Cartadg Refill


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“Integrity Temporary Crown and Bridge Material is an automixed two-component material based on multi-functional methacrylic esters, intended for use as both, a short- and long-term temporary crown and bridge material.
Integrity Temporary Crown and Bridge material is compatible with DENTSPLY visible light-cured composites (see IFU of selected composite) for marginal repair and esthetic contouring of temporary crowns.
To simplify delivery and minimize product waste, Integrity Temporary Crown and Bridge Material is packed as cartridge or dual barreled mini-syringe.”

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    Integrity Cartadg Refill(A1), Integrity Cartadg Refill(A2), Integrity Cartadg Refill(B1), Integrity Cartadg Refill(A3.5)


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